Swing Arms

At Evans Pro Chassis we don’t specialize in “bling bling” fat tire parking lot queens, now don’t get me wrong we can win a beauty contest but where we really shine is in the talent competition! That’s why when we decided to get back into the street bike swing arm market we knew we couldn’t just build the same ole same ole extended swing arm! With today’s horsepower numbers and clutch control options we knew it was time to address an inherit problem of the extended swing arms, decreased shock shaft travel speeds which leads to poor compression and rebound control while requiring astronomical spring rates! All these inherit problems add up to poor weight transfer, spongy rear suspension which translates into poor wheel travel control, tire spinning and inconsistencies that cost races! Sure there are expensive shocks available that help out with these issues some what but they are merely a band aid to the true problem. That’s why we decided to address these issues from word say go when engineering our new American Outlaw swing arms. Solving this problem once and for all.

Our new American outlaw extended swing arm series address these issues by moving the suspension pull rod mounting point both upward and rearward the proper amount to maintain relatively stock suspension ratios and shock shaft travel speeds, resulting in better weight transfer, better wheel travel control, and quicker more consistent passes. All spring arms come bare 4130 chro-moly and include; adjustable suspension poll rods(dog bones) air tank built in swing arm, 4 hole adjuster blocks, and all necessary hardware. Currently available for Hayabusa and GSXR1000.

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