Platinum Series

Our platinum series pro chassis are a compilation of over 17 years of racing, testing, and research & development with many of the top names in motorcycle drag racing.

Our extensive amount of experience provides you with proven “sweet spot” geometries and weight bias, and a “straight as an arrow” ride that is unparalleled in the industry. No expenses are spared on the construction of these chassis, constructed entirely out of aircraft grade 4130 chro-moly and precision tig welds provide you with a chassis that will withstand years of abuse.

If you have been searching for the best pro-stock, pro-mod, or funny bike chassis on the planet, than join the likes of Glen Nickleberry, Lary Cook, Tommy Bolton, and the hundreds of others. The platinum series chassis are in stock for 70″ pro-stock and 82″ pro-mod, all other lengths are available on a custom order basis only.

All of our chassis are available from bare chassis to complete turn key race bikes or anywhere in between, contact us to get yours on order today!

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